The Best Place to Stay in Seychelles

These granitic and coral islands, around 1,100 miles from the Tanzanian coast, are wilder and less glossily perfect than the Maldives, to the north and east. But they are certainly alluring, with the attractions of surreal rock formations, lush forests and Creole heritage, as well as some of the world’s best beaches and cerulean seas.

anse georgette
Aerial view of Anse Georgette, Praslin

That’s why, one week ago, we decided to come so far to celebrate our special day and to get married on a beautiful little beach in La Digue Island.

Seychelles, with its 115 islands has many options in terms of beaches and accommodations. The three largest islands and also the more developed and touristic are Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.  All of them are really beautiful, with pristine white sand beaches, turquoise waters and beautiful landscapes and the choice is yours. It depends if you like to relax and cycling around the island-easy to do in La Digue – or if you are more interested in a larger islands with a more vast choice of restaurants – Praslin or Mahe.

After visiting all of the three islands, we can probably say that Praslin is the right compromise if you don’t have enough time to explore all of them.

As some of you have heard, we were supposed to fly to Madagascar after Seychelles, keen to explore the island and to enjoy our “honeymoon” there.

Unfortunately following the current plague issue we had to change our plans and we decided to extend our stay here in Seychelles.

We believe that when you travel, especially for a long time, you need to feel comfortable in the place where you are and here in Seychelles at Cap Jean Marie Beach Villas we found a place where we feel at home.

Cap Jean Marie Beach Villas

If you are planning a trip to Seychelles you might see that there are many options in terms of accommodation, from some very esclusive resorts to plenty of self catering guest houses. If you are looking for a beautiful place but at the same time you want to stay on budget (considering the Seychelles standard which is more European than African) your choice goes to one of the many guest houses in the island.

We are spending our days at Cap Jean Marie and we couldn’t have picked a better place. This little gem – 4 chalets- run by a local beautiful family is the perfect place to fully enjoy the Creole atmosphere.

Sea View Chalet

When we arrived we made a mistake with our booking – sometimes when you book so many accommodations it happens – but the lady was so kind and understanding and she helped us to fix the matter straight away. We were suppose to spend only two days here but following the plague issue we suddenly had to change our plans. We are still trying to get at least some refund from the airline companies but until now we have only lost a lot of money. Booking a new flight and accommodations at the last minute with no flexibility on our dates on top of the Madagascar expenses wasn’t also a nice wedding gift. The family from Cap Jean Marie has helped us in every way possible, offering us a discount for our extra days, advising alternative trips to other less explored Seychelles islands and giving us their availability and support every single day. They have also upgraded us to the sea view chalet with a good bottle of sparkling wine in the fridge as honeymoon’s gift. The chalets have a wonderful view to the sea and you are actually with your feet on the beach.  They all have a private bathroom, living room and a full equipped kitchen where you can cook a nice meal and have a romantic dinner on your terrace. On lazy days you can order a delivery from one of the nearby restaurants and enjoy a beautiful sunset on the beach.

Private Beach at Cap Jean Marie

Praslin has some of the finest beaches in the world -Anse Lazio, Anse Georgette- but if you feel just to wake up and walk to the beach, here you can do that. The chalets are actually on a small private beautiful beach where you can swim, read a book or get the perfect tan.

Sometimes “bad” things happen for a good reason. We hope the Madagascar issue will be sorted soon and all the people will be safe. We also can’t wait to explore that beautiful country; but now we are glad to be here, chilling on the beach, doing some work and exploring deeper this beautiful country until our next adventure: South Africa!

Sunset at Cap Jean Marie

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